Cheap – But Impactful – Home Staging Tips

Cheap – But Impactful – Home Staging Tips

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A lot of home sellers assume they need to pay someone to stage their home. These professionals are not cheap! Not to mention, they may recommend that you buy some pretty pricy items. You can stage your home for free with these easy five tips.

1. Deep Clean

It may not be spring, but you are going to clean like it is. You need to scrub your home from top to bottom. Don’t forget the layer of dust clinging to the ceiling fan blades and the dirt-colored base board where your dog naps.

2. Remove Personal Items

Buyers need to be able to walk into your home and imagine their belongings there. To do this, you need to remove personal items. This includes everything from your kids’ art work all over the fridge to the clusters of family photos on walls and tables. If you live in a neighborhood likely to attract a family buyer, you can leave one family photo to hint that this is a great area for kids.

3. Pack as Much as Possible

Pack everything you don’t need without stripping the place bare. You still want tasteful d├ęcor items left, but the rest should be removed. Store these boxes out-of-sight in a garage or basement. If you don’t have anywhere to pile them, rent a storage unit. Make sure you get a climate-controlled one, if you are storing temperature sensitive items, such as photos, DVDs, electronics, etc. Any unnecessary furniture in the home can also go in the storage unit. Less furniture will make rooms appear larger.

4. Turn the Lights On

People are naturally attracted to well-lit, cheerful environments. Whether you are taking photos for a listing or having an open house turn the lights on and open the curtains. Don’t take photos at night. You want to capture natural light coming through the windows. If you have recessed lighting beneath your kitchen cupboards and a light above your stove, turn these on, too.

5. Do Your Outside Chores

Curb appeal and a well-maintained backyard are important. However, you don’t have to splurge on costly plants. Spend an afternoon pulling weeds, trimming shrubs, mowing the lawn, and sweeping the walkways. As long as it looks nicely maintained it will send the right message.

You want to get as much money for your home as you possibly can. To do this, you need to showcase its best qualities and make it look as though it has been well-taken care of. A clean, neat, decluttered home is just as attractive and effective as expensive staging techniques done by the pros.

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