Fast Raleigh Home Sale: All About Timing

Fast Raleigh Home Sale: All About Timing

raleigh quick saleA fast home sale in Raleigh, NC requires perfect execution on a number of fronts. Some you can control and some you cannot. However, one big element in the home selling process is the timing. Before listing your home, you first have to ask: are you ready to sell and are there buyers out there ready to pay the price?

Here are Puck Realty’s five time factors to help you choose the right time to sell your Raleigh home:

Following the School Schedule

Many families with children like to begin to look at homes in the late spring or summer. This is because they may want to be in the home before the beginning of the school year. To capitalize on this, you may want to consider listing your home during this time if you live in a strong school district or close to a school.

Tax Benefits

Some buyers become very motivated with the idea of a large tax bill looming over them next year if they do not buy a home. These buyers are especially ready in April to buy a home in order to get the tax benefits before next year.

Watching the Weather

Weather can play a major factor for potential buyers as you will most likely see less buyers during those colder months.  If your home has a pool you are more apt to sell it during the hot summer months because people are better able to picture themselves using the pool during these times.

Holiday Sales

Due to the fact that we enjoy spending their free time relaxing and with family and friends, most home buyers are not looking to buy homes during this time which means December and November are known to be the slowest months for buyers. If a buyer is out during this time, though, they are generally highly motivated – and highly motivated can be a good thing for you and your sale!

January 1st

Many people look at the new year as a time to make changes.  These changes could mean buying a new home and moving to a new area.  You want to make sure buyers can view your home online during this time so they can add it to their list of possibilities.

With so many elements in the home selling process falling outside of your control, taking the time to identify the right time for you to list your home can be worth the brain power.  By using these above timeframes as a guide, you can identify when buyers may be more interested in looking to buy your home.


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