Finding Your Ideal Raleigh Neighborhood

Finding Your Ideal Raleigh Neighborhood

The Raleigh home buying process can at times be overwhelming. It is a big purchase that you will be living with (and in) for years to come. There are so many factors to consider and questions to ask – all of which we are happy to review and help you answer – but to help you get started on the right path, here are some Raleigh neighborhood aspects to think about when deciding on where to purchase your next home.

Go to School on the Schools: While this might seem applicable only to those home buyers with children, knowing the quality of the local school system is actually important to everyone in the neighborhood as the schools can impact home values and resale prices. You can easily find information about the schools by visiting the local Department of Education and if you do have children, it is important that you arrange to visit the schools yourself to make sure that it will be a good fit for you and your family.

Know thy Neighbor(hood): It is intuitive, but when you are buying a home, you are buying more than just a building; you are buying into the neighborhood and local  community as well. How close are the “essentials” like grocery stores or gas stations? What does the “food scene” look like, as growing restaurants can indicate an up and coming neighborhood? How active is the community in putting on events like parades? These types of questions will provide insight not only on the present status of the area, but what the possible future looks like as well.

Get Comfortable: Safety is a number one priority for any family. Become familiar with the neighborhoods you are interested in by researching the crime rates and types of crime that have occurred. Look for trends – are these numbers going up or down?

Understand the Values: Buying a home is a big investment. Before you take that plunge, research the neighborhood’s home appreciation values to get a feel for what you can expect. While impossible to predict with complete certainty, you will be better prepared and more comfortable to make a big investment with an understanding of what you can expect.

To help with relieving some of the stress and anxiety that comes when looking to buy a new home, think about applying the above criteria en route to coming up with three Raleigh neighborhoods you are interested in exploring more deeply. When you reach this point be sure to drive around the neighborhoods at different times of day. How does it feel in the morning when the kids are getting ready to get on a school bus? Is the rush hour traffic going to be an issue? How safe do you feel while driving around at night? By focusing your energy solely on potential areas, you increase your chances of finding the new home that is right for you. And when you are ready to buy that new home, we at Puck Realty are ready to help you.

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