How is Your Curb Appeal?

How is Your Curb Appeal?

curb appealThe first test in the Raleigh home selling process is being able to pass the “eye test.” When a potential buyer pulls up to your home, seeing it for the first time, is he or she going to feel that immediate connection that makes them want to come in and see more? As a Raleigh home seller you sure hope so! But that feeling in potential home buyers doesn’t always just happen; you have to help them feel it, in turn helping yourself sell your home.

Here are some ideas on how you can make sure your curb appeal is sending the right message.


Sure, we all would like front yards full of blooming flowers but that doesn’t always work – be it for lack of green thumb abilities or lack of budget. However, your front yard’s looks can still come off handsomely by properly using mulch. Depending on your budget, there are any number of mulching possibilities. The expensive organic mulch with its eye-catching color can really make a good impression; but beware that constant sun or some heavy rains can wash away the dye, leaving you with an uninspired, dull area. If you can budget to mulch at least twice a year, this is not a problem! But for those home sellers on a budget, you might want to consider using some less expensive materials like pine straw, wood chips, and in some cases, small gravel.

Create a Rock Garden

A trendy upgrade making its rounds is the installation of rock gardens. Selecting an area to place (word of caution: avoid placing beneath trees as this can make for a mess when the leaves fall), clearing, and then creating using landscape fabric and stones can make for an attractive presentation. Decorating the garden with flower pots or bird baths are nice finishing touches!

Adding Trim & Shutters

Simple additions to your Raleigh home’s front can drastically change its appearance. If you have trim already in place, see what layers you can add around the windows and doors to create a new look. You can also strip the old trim completely, starting from scratch with a blank canvas. And if your home does not have shutters, research what styles would work best and install.

Utilize Your Front Door

Sometimes all you need to do is apply a little paint to make your home stand out – specifically, paint applied to your front door. Depending on the color of your home, you can paint your door to be as eye-catching as you are comfortable with. Lipstick Red doors are on trend right now, but you can also utilize darker, more subtle colors like a gray-blue or sea green.

Upgrade Your House Numbers

This $50 upgrade could go a long way in creating a favorable impression with a potential home buyer. Head to a local craft store and pick up new house numbers in a style or material that stands out. Feel free to be creative, letting this detail set the tone for the rest of your home.

The key to fast Raleigh home sales is in the details! Let our team of experienced real estate professionals here at Puck Realty help you sell your home fast. Call us today 919-842-5900!

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