How to Avoid Bad Advice When House Hunting

How to Avoid Bad Advice When House Hunting

One thing you will quickly discover while house hunting is that everyone has advice to give that usually comes with a very strong opinion. Interestingly, many of the people giving this advice are not even homeowners. Shopping for a home should be a positive experience, so you may need to filter out a little bad advice to stay on track.

Start with the “Who”

Who is actually giving this advice to you? Is it a friend, relative, or just a nosy coworker who heard you on the phone talking about an open house? Just because someone has purchased a home or two in the past does not mean their advice should be listened to. If you need solid advice, talk to a real estate agent.

Could it be Good Advice?

What if the person giving you the advice really sounds like they know what they are talking about? If it sounds legit, should you listen to it? Not quite. You can keep that information in the back of your mind and confirm it with your agent, but don’t make any decisions based on it. There is also a good chance that the person knows what he is talking about, but if you take it the wrong way it could be just as damaging to your experience.

Be Polite

Maybe that nosy coworker offering the advice is not as nosy as you think. Perhaps they really are trying to help. There is no need to tell them they are wrong or that you are just not interested in what they have to say. Just be polite and thank them. Let them know you will consider the information they have given to you. You don’t have to answer any additional questions or provide any personal information. So, if someone asks if you have been pre-approved, you can tell them yes or no if you want. However, if they ask what you were approved for and what your interest rate will be these are questions that don’t need an answer. Your privacy should always come first in conversations. This includes interactions via email and texts, as well.

Be Open to Switching Gears

What happens when the sound advice given to you by your realtor is not really accomplishing what you had hoped? Well, you are under no obligation to do whatever your agent tells you. This is still your decision. You hold all the power. Weigh your options. If the advice someone gave you is constantly on your mind maybe it is time to give it a try. If you have ideas of your own, don’t be scared to act on them, too.

Buying a home is one of the most stressful things you will do. A number of well-meaning individuals will offer advice – both bad and good. It is up to you to decide what advice to really listen to and what points you should let go in one ear and out the other!

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