How to Create a Positive Buying or Selling Experience

How to Create a Positive Buying or Selling Experience

positive home buyingIt doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling your Raleigh home; if you are involved with some type of real estate transaction there is bound to be stress and sleepless nights. Your mind is likely filled with questions and scenarios all day long to the point that real estate is literally all you can think of. Well, there are a number of things you have no control over, but at the same time, there are steps you can take to make sure you are prepared for any curve ball your real estate transaction throws at you.

  1. Determine Your Family’s Needs – Buying a home when you are single can be challenging enough as it is. When you have a family it is even harder. Instead of finding a home to satisfy your needs and wants, you have to find a home that makes all the adults and children in the house happy, even if everyone wants opposite things.
  1. Disconnect from the Home – Regardless if you grew up in the home or have only lived there a few years, you likely feel attached. You have made great memories there, so it is natural to feel like the space is worth more than it is. It is this type of thinking that is going to make it difficult to sell because you have inflated expectations. Separate emotion from reality. It can be helpful to take a little time to come to terms with the move before you list.
  1. Being Prepared РDoing a little homework on housing market statistics before entering a deal benefits both buyers and sellers. There is a plethora of information to be found on the Internet. Comparing comps can be very helpful. If you are selling, comps will help guide you in setting a listing price, and if you are buying, you can determine if you are getting a good deal for the location.
  1. Set a Budget – You may have an idea in your mind of how much home you can afford, but are you factoring in all the expenses, including tax, insurance, utilities, lawn care, snow removal, maintenance, etc.? If you have your heart set on a home, you can ask your agent to request utility bills from the seller to get a better idea of what your expenses will be.
  1. Completing¬†the Home Inspection – You can’t depend on the real estate agent or seller to be honest about the plumbing, foundation, etc. Besides, they may not even know there are problems present. Always have an inspection done. No exceptions.

Real estate transactions are a lot of work. Plus, the process can be really drawn out. Follow these tips to help ensure you aren’t full of regret down the road.

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