How to Find the Perfect Raleigh Neighborhood

How to Find the Perfect Raleigh Neighborhood

Deciding on the perfect Raleigh neighborhood for you to buy a new home in can be difficult if you are just trying to find the neighborhood which will increase in value overtime.  If you  do not have an attachment to one area, there are multiple options out there for you. Read below to find three tips to help you decide on the right Raleigh neighborhood for you.

Living Near a Wealthy Neighborhood

If you are unable to afford living in a high priced neighborhood but still want to get a good value for your home you will want to start by looking in the neighborhoods next to the wealthy areas.  First off, you will be able to get more house for the money you are putting down and your house will continue to increase in value as the neighborhood improves.   You will also be able to have the same proximity to attractions that the wealthier neighborhood has while most likely seeing the value of your home increase.

The Starbucks Effect

Having a Starbucks close to your home has proven to be a sure fire way for the value of your home to increase.  In some cases the value of these homes has actually doubled with a Starbucks being put in.  It is important for people who enjoy being able to walk to places or have these accommodations close by.  Buying a home with the understanding that a Starbucks or other stores will be put in close by can help increase the value of your home – just make sure you research exactly how close it will be and exactly what it will be before thinking it will definitely increase your home’s value.

Living in a School District

Buying a home in a good school district can not only increase the value of your home but there can be other perks.  Living near a school means you would be able to use their outdoor facilities and see a greater police presence in the area. Plus your future home buyers, whether they have kids or are thinking about having kids in the future, will be looking for homes where they can send their kids to good school.

When you are buying a home you of course want to choose a location where you will be able to see the value of the home increase over time. To put yourself – and your investment – in the best position to increase in value, remember that you need to buy a home that others will want in the future.  Consider buying a home in a good school district, near coffee shops, and near homes which also have a high value.

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