Increasing Your Raleigh Home’s Value

Increasing Your Raleigh Home’s Value

The housing market can be quite the competitive battlefield. Whether you are thinking about selling in the near future or you have had your house listed for a while with no decent bids, these tips will help increase your Raleigh home’s value.

Clear the Clutter – Potential buyers should not walk into your Raleigh home and immediately feel overwhelmed by clutter. Every object in a room generates energy, so even a few extra games, unnecessary end tables, and dog toys on the ground can add up to a very busy space.

Depersonalize the Space – A buyer will have a hard time picturing their belongings in your home if they are surrounded by family photos, trophies, etc. Keep personal items to a minimum.

Deep Cleaning – Dusting and vacuuming just is not enough. Cleanliness plays a huge role in making a home appear more desirable. So, clean the mini blinds and baseboards and vacuum up all those cobwebs you tend to ignore in the corners.

Maintenance and Repairs – Your home should look like it has always been taken care of. If there are rips in window screens, closet doors off track, or holes in the wall, buyers may assume you have neglected to take care of larger repairs, as well.

Improve Curb Appeal – They say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. This holds true for your Raleigh home, too. The exterior of your house offers the first impression. A few potted flowers and a bird feeder can go a long way in making your home appear more inviting.

Thoughtful Renovations – Not all renovations are profitable. For example, installing new carpet or painting with trendy colors could actually work against you. If you are going to invest in renovations, focus on the bathroom and kitchen. You could enjoy up to a 7 percent increase in your Raleigh home’s value by freshening up these two rooms.

Hire a Professional Photographer – Most buyers are looking for homes on the Internet and in real estate listings. Your Raleigh home may be breathtaking, but if the photos are poor, folks won’t even be interested enough to take a look in person. Hire a photographer who knows how to capture natural light and make even a small room appear spacious from the right angle.

Make it More Energy Efficient – Some buyers today are very concerned about the planet and do everything they can to decrease their carbon footprint. They will greatly appreciate an energy efficient home. However, even if your potential buyer is not an environmentalist, they will surely appreciate a home that will keep their energy bills as low as possible.

No one likes to sit for months, waiting for a buyer to finally make a bid, only for it to end up being far too low. Following these simple tips will make your Raleigh home more attractive while also increasing its value.

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