Living in Your Home While Selling

Living in Your Home While Selling

Living in your home while trying to sell can be a difficult balance to strike. There is a fine line between being able to live comfortably while also having to put your, and your home’s, best foot forward around the clock.

As you begin the process of putting your Raleigh home up for sale, here are some tips on how you can help ease the burden, making the day to day activities of the home selling process easier on you and your family.


Organization is usually a great place to start in preparing your home for sale while continuing to live in it as well. A major focus on the organizational process should be in minimizing the amount of items and clutter that has accumulated over the years of living in the home. Go through the entire home – including the basement, attic, and garage – and clear out the items you no longer use while making sure those that you keep have a place to be stored. Donate items that can still be used and throw away or recycle any trash you do not need (discarding all of the old paper products alone – magazines, newspapers, mail, etc – will go a long way in creating a clean, organized appearance). This process will help on all three fronts of the process: the home will be more comfortable to live in and keep clean; potential buyers will be much more likely to be positive about the showing; and your moving process will be much easier!

Think about Investing in Storage & Cleaning

Even after a thorough cleaning homes can often remain filled with items that we do not want to part with. If this is the case, do not be afraid to rent a storage unit to hold you over until you move into your new home. Big items like extra chairs and tables can make rooms feel small and cramped, feelings you do not want to impart during your home’s showings. Also, keeping a clean and tidy home with children and pets along with full time jobs can be a difficult task. If you find this job overwhelming, look into hiring a cleaning a company to come by the day before (or even of) scheduled showings so the home is presented in its best light.


Juggling work, home life, kid’s schedules, and showings involves a lot of people and a lot more moving parts. By effectively communicating the schedule and various daily ongoings across the board, you will allow for a less-straining process. As with most things, a little communication goes a long way!

When you make the decision to sell your home, be sure to contact us. Puck Realty specializes in helping Raleigh home owners  sell homes quickly, helping you avoid the headaches that come with a home that sits on the market and getting you into your new home as soon as possible!


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