Need to Sell Your Raleigh Home Fast? Try a Higher Price.

Need to Sell Your Raleigh Home Fast? Try a Higher Price.

Contrary to belief, listing a Raleigh home at a higher price may actually help you in selling it faster! How does this happen, especially when instinct would have you lower the price of your Raleigh home? What is it about a more expensive home that attracts buyers? What else can you do to help sell your home quickly?

Higher prices = better values

Consumers are quick to believe that products with a higher price tag have to be a better quality item. Most consumers assume that the price of an item is accurately reflected by the seller. Following this principle, buyers also believe that more expensive homes are actually better when compared to similar houses in the same neighborhood. Listing your home at a higher price will definitely grab the attention of sellers, and get them asking what makes your home a higher quality than the others.

Higher priced Raleigh homes usually sell quickly for these reasons:

  1. Increases the buyer pool, adding potential buyers who have a higher price range
  2. A higher asking price usually means there is something special about the house, and this forces buyers to look for these special features during walk throughs
  3. Higher prices sets a higher initial bid, meaning a potentially higher sale price

Get more for your home

Setting a higher asking price means you need to be able to defend why your Raleigh home is worth more than comparable homes. Here’s how you can make sure the value of your home is accurately reflected in the price:

  1. Presentation – staging your home is a great way to show off its special features without spending a lot of money on remodeling
  2. Landscaping – the outside of your home should reflect the inside. Spend a few extra dollars on making sure the yard portrays exactly what you want
  3. Renovating – if you have the time and resources, having a newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom help justify a higher asking price
  4. Pictures and videos – online pictures and videos also help increase the perceived value of your home. Giving potential buyers the option to take an online video tour allows them the chance to check your home out before visiting

Increasing the asking price of your Raleigh home can help sell it faster than other comparable homes in the area. It’s important that you keep the asking price reasonable, and that you are able to justify it through the presentation and/or remodeling. Setting a higher price may increase interest and more potential buyers to come to see your home in person, and once there it’s your job to make sure they see what truly makes it worth the price.

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