Raleigh Home Sellers: Avoid These Mistakes

Raleigh Home Sellers: Avoid These Mistakes

raleigh home sellersAlthough it has returned to a seller’s market it is important that Raleigh home sellers take the time to ensure you can sell your home for what you want.  Here are 8 steps you can take to not sabotage your Raleigh home sale.

Don’t try to sell your home by yourself

Yes, the thought of not having to work with an agent or being able to pocket that commission can be nice. However, the experience the agent can present will allow your home to sell for more.  Remember: they understand the market, your area, and how to negotiate.

Knowing the price of your home

It may seem like a good idea to start high with the listing price of your home in hopes that someone may take it but this may result in you losing money in the end as your home could sit on the market untouched for months.  Make sure you look at the comps in your area to see what you should list your home at.

Taking good pictures

Every potential buyer first sees your home on the internet from the pictures you have taken.  You want to make sure that the photos you post bring people into your home.  This means cleaning and decluttering before and taking them on a sunny day which shows the best light.

Fixing the small stuff

You want to show off how great your home is to potential buyers not allow them to see the small things that are wrong with your home which will either make them look elsewhere or lower the price they offer you.  Make sure you fix the small problems by adding a fresh coat of paint or replacing broken fixtures.

Depersonalizing your home

Make sure you spend the time going through your home putting away and getting rid of things that don’t need to be seen. This will not only make your home look bigger but people will be more attracted to your home.  Spending a day or two doing this will increase the price of your home without having to spend money.

Entertainment area outside

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside.  This means that you will want to spend some extra time making your patio and backyard look like an area where potential buyers can entertain in the warmer weather.  You will want to stage the area just like you would stage a room on the inside of your home.

Disclose everything

You want to make sure a potential buyer knows if there is anything wrong with your home, especially if it will become a hazard or safety concern.  This means if anything leaks or the electricity doesn’t work at certain times you want to tell the buyer.  If you don’t they can hold you liable if something goes wrong .

Taking your ego out of negotiations

When negotiating the price of your home you will want to consider every offer and make a counter-offer.  This will allow you to sell your home faster and at a price that works for you.  Make sure you don’t get offended by a low offer.

As a Raleigh home seller, you want to put yourself, and your home, in the best position for a quick and easy sale. By following these 8 steps above you will help not screw up the sale of your home.


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