5 Secrets to Buying a Foreclosure at an Auction

Posted by Donna Tucker // July 13, 2015

foreclosure auction

Attending a foreclosure auction can be quite the adrenaline rush. However, if you do not want that excited feeling to quickly turn to disappointment, you are going to need to know a few secrets that will actually help you win. 1. Get Familiar with the Basics – It is always a good idea to attend […]

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Things to Watch for When Buying a Home via Short Sale

Posted by Donna Tucker // February 5, 2015

There are many great deals to be had with the abundance of homes now appearing on short sale lists and foreclosures. While it is great to jump at these deals and they can prove to be great home solutions, be aware of these areas to look for when proceeding with this type of purchase. Know […]

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What to do when hard times hit

Posted by Donna Tucker // January 1, 2015

Financial hardship can hit at many different points in life. Circumstances are not always predictable despite the best intentions. They can vary from the loss of a job, death or a divorce. When the unforeseen hits and payments are defaulted, there are options of response to help move through the situation and on to better […]

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