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Being Prepared to Buy in a Seller’s Market

Posted by Donna Tucker // October 5, 2015


Do you have a vision in your head that you are going to look at dozens of fabulous homes and end up with the sellers reducing their price and covering closing costs just to sell you a home? In your mind the whole experience seems positive, simple, and exciting. Well, this is not always the […]

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How to Create a Positive Buying or Selling Experience

Posted by Donna Tucker // September 14, 2015

positive home buying

It doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling your Raleigh home; if you are involved with some type of real estate transaction there is bound to be stress and sleepless nights. Your mind is likely filled with questions and scenarios all day long to the point that real estate is literally all you can […]

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Unconventional Tips to Get Your Home Sold

Posted by Donna Tucker // August 17, 2015


Putting your home on the market can cause a lot of stress and sometimes you can even lose money in the process.  This is especially the case if your home stays for sale for a long period of time or you have to reduce the price.  You may even have to carry two mortgages which […]

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Tips for Simultaneously Buying and Selling a Raleigh Home

Posted by Donna Tucker // May 26, 2015

buy and sell

As if buying or selling a house is not stress-inducing enough, trying to do both at the same time can be beyond overwhelming. However, with a little thoughtful planning properties can be shuffled smoothly, and you don’t have to take on excessive financial risk to make it happen. 1. Sell Your Current Home Before Buying […]

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How to Price Your Raleigh Home

Posted by Donna Tucker // April 21, 2015

raleigh home

Pricing your Raleigh home correctly is a lot more important than you might think. A price that’s too high will scare people away, but if you price it too low, you could miss out on a lot of money a buyer would have happily paid. You need to determine a price that will be competitive […]

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Home Upgrades Not Worth the Investment

Posted by Donna Tucker // April 14, 2015

home upgrades

There is a common misconception that you will enjoy a return on investment on all home upgrades. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There definitely are home improvements that increase property value, but there are also some that simply don’t. In fact, some could actually make your home harder to sell without the “right” buyer. […]

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Raleigh Home Sellers: Do THESE Before Listing

Posted by Donna Tucker // March 24, 2015

Raleigh Home

Getting ready to sell your Raleigh home extends far beyond remodeling and staging. Most people sell their home with the intention of going bigger – bigger home, bigger yard, bigger mortgage. In addition to prepping your Raleigh home for sale, you also need to prepare financially for the move. Here are four financial things you […]

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4 Reasons to Google Your Address

Posted by Donna Tucker // January 27, 2015

Google Your Home

When getting your home ready to sell, one important resource of information that’s often overlooked is the internet. In today’s world of digital technology, Google is often used as a quick and reliable source of information. As a homeowner looking to sell, it’s important to know what information is out there about your home. If […]

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Get Your Raleigh Home Ready to Sell

Posted by Donna Tucker // January 6, 2015

Sell Raleigh Home

When your Raleigh house gets put on the market, you want to make sure it is ready for potential buyers to walk through.  While most people focus on getting the “big” problems fixed, such as fixing broken windows and doors, it sometimes comes down to the details.  Here are some helpful suggestions to make sure […]

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