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How to Create a Positive Buying or Selling Experience

Posted by Donna Tucker // September 14, 2015

positive home buying

It doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling your Raleigh home; if you are involved with some type of real estate transaction there is bound to be stress and sleepless nights. Your mind is likely filled with questions and scenarios all day long to the point that real estate is literally all you can […]

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Interested in Real Estate Investing? Here are 7 Things to Know.

Posted by Donna Tucker // July 27, 2015


The thought of becoming a real estate investor probably seems like a pretty lucrative opportunity. After all, the title alone sounds sophisticated as it rolls off your tongue. There definitely is money to be made in this market, but that does not mean it is not without its challenges. Below are a few things you […]

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Need to Sell Your Raleigh Home Fast? Try a Higher Price.

Posted by Donna Tucker // February 3, 2015

Contrary to belief, listing a Raleigh home at a higher price may actually help you in selling it faster! How does this happen, especially when instinct would have you lower the price of your Raleigh home? What is it about a more expensive home that attracts buyers? What else can you do to help sell […]

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Want to be a Realtor? Welcome to Real Estate!

Posted by Donna Tucker // January 29, 2015

The real estate industry in the Raleigh and surrounding area can be very appealing to many. The question when wanting to become an agent is where do I begin? Here are some words of advice as you look into the real estate industry. Find the right place to connect. No one should go at it alone. […]

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Get Your Raleigh Home Ready to Sell

Posted by Donna Tucker // January 6, 2015

Sell Raleigh Home

When your Raleigh house gets put on the market, you want to make sure it is ready for potential buyers to walk through.  While most people focus on getting the “big” problems fixed, such as fixing broken windows and doors, it sometimes comes down to the details.  Here are some helpful suggestions to make sure […]

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How Schools Impact Raleigh Home Owners

Posted by Donna Tucker // December 9, 2014

Raleigh School Home Owner Value

A good school district has benefits that can directly impact the children of the local Raleigh community. However, it is also beneficial to the home owners that do not have children as Raleigh home values and resale rates are better protected within better school districts. Of course, the benefits must be weighed against the cost when […]

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Living in Your Home While Selling

Posted by Donna Tucker // November 20, 2014

Living in your home while trying to sell can be a difficult balance to strike. There is a fine line between being able to live comfortably while also having to put your, and your home’s, best foot forward around the clock. As you begin the process of putting your Raleigh home up for sale, here […]

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Finding Your Ideal Raleigh Neighborhood

Posted by Donna Tucker // November 11, 2014

The Raleigh home buying process can at times be overwhelming. It is a big purchase that you will be living with (and in) for years to come. There are so many factors to consider and questions to ask – all of which we are happy to review and help you answer – but to help […]

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Why You Should Buy Your New Home Right Now

Posted by Donna Tucker // October 28, 2014

If you are looking for a home in the Raleigh area, low mortgage interest rates, pockets of undervalued homes, and an economy that is marching forward are all good reasons why you should be thinking about buying your new home right now. But these reasons are just a few of the factors that determine what […]

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