Working With Millennials

Working With Millennials

millennialsPreparing to work with millennials in the new home search process can be a very exciting and rewarding process. However, in order to be prepared as well as possible, it is important to understand exactly what and how millennials are expecting to work with you.

Here are some tips to helping uncover what millennials are looking for in a partner to help them find their new home.


As with any relationship, communication is key; however, the ways in which we communicate can vary from demographic to demographic. When working with millennials it is important to understand that their preferred form of communication tends to be text messages or emails. This is a big difference from contacting via actual phone calls so make sure you are adjusting your behaviors accordingly.

Know Where to Help

As a result of so much information being readily available online, millennials have very little difficulty in researching the areas, and in most cases, specific homes they are interested in. So while they might not necessarily need help in uncovering possible homes to research they will need help making sense of all of the information they collect. Assisting in translating and interpreting this information can be extremely helpful in the new home search process.

Clarify Clarify Clarify

It is important to millennials to be aware of and understand each step of the home buying process. Working with them to clearly outline and clarify both the big picture as well the string of immediate next steps will help to make the process more transparent, and thus increase the chances of new-home success for both you and them.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Being accustomed to instantly finding Google search results, millennials tend to look for timely, accurate responses to all of their answers.

New Home Search Apps

Smart phones seem to be permanently attached to most everyone’s hands these days, but this is especially the case for millennials. Apps that focus on finding new homes or provide information about neighborhood statistics and demographics are important tools for millennials.

Rave Reviews

Word of mouth recommendations carry a lot of weight for millennials searching for a partner to help them find their new home. In addition to their immediate network, home buyers will turn to online reviews and ratings to help uncover a partner to work with.

Creating sturdy relationships with millennials comes down to understanding how best to communicate, where they need help, how they are collecting their information, and what they can expect the overall process to look and feel like.

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