Write the Perfect Raleigh Home Listing

Write the Perfect Raleigh Home Listing

Raleigh home listing

Buyers want to read an informative, concise description of your home. So, give them exactly what they want. Of course, you are probably thinking this is a lot easier said than done, right? Writing the perfect listing does take a little thought, and you may even need to write a couple drafts, but the time spent will be well worth the effort when potential buyers start requesting more information.

1. Nail the Headline

The ideal headline is going to be no more than three words. “Enchanted Forest Setting” or “Charming Cottage” is a few examples. Capture the characteristic that you think buyers will be most drawn to without touching on any features.

2. Start with the Most Important Points

Buyers typically decide within just a few seconds, if your home is one they are interested in. Put the strongest selling features out there first. So, instead of talking about being on a tree-lined street with sidewalks as an entry, begin with points about your gourmet kitchen, bedroom balcony with mountain views, or spa-inspired bath with Roman tub and steam shower. You can talk about those tree-lined streets once you grab their attention.

3. Be Thorough and Brief

Believe it or not, you can be both brief and thorough. Walk through your home and make a list of all the amenities. Don’t forget your new furnace, updated light fixtures, and freshly paved driveway. These are all points that could be a big deal to the buyer, especially the furnace and driveway because these equal less maintenance needed in the immediate future. You want to cover all of your home’s selling points, but you don’t want to write a novel. The listing should be under 250 words, which is why you may need a few edits.

4. Be Honest

Over-exaggerating or downright lying about your house is not going to do you any favors. You will be lucky to find a buyer who will say, “They totally lied about the listing, but that’s okay!” Not to mention, if a buyer thinks they are being lied to about something, they will wonder what else you may be bending the truth about.

5. Use Bullets

Bullet points make it easy for a buyer to find out the most important facts about a home without even blinking. Use bullets for the information they are most interested in, including lot size, interior square footage, location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and school district. If your home is in a heavily populated area like New York City or Washington DC where people rely primarily on public transportation then mentioning you are steps from a subway, light rail, or bus station in the bullets would be beneficial, as well.

Your listing is not going to close a sale by any means, but it is what’s going to get a buyer interested to take a look at it. Introduce them to the facts that make your home special. These are the reasons why they should look at your house rather than the five others in your neighborhood. Be thoughtful, but remember to keep it short and honest.

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