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Raleigh Home Sellers: Avoid These Mistakes

Posted by Donna Tucker // June 29, 2015

raleigh home sellers

Although it has returned to a seller’s market it is important that Raleigh home sellers take the time to ensure you can sell your home for what you want.  Here are 8 steps you can take to not sabotage your Raleigh home sale. Don’t try to sell your home by yourself Yes, the thought of […]

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Need to Sell Your Raleigh Home Fast? Try a Higher Price.

Posted by Donna Tucker // February 3, 2015

Contrary to belief, listing a Raleigh home at a higher price may actually help you in selling it faster! How does this happen, especially when instinct would have you lower the price of your Raleigh home? What is it about a more expensive home that attracts buyers? What else can you do to help sell […]

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4 Reasons to Google Your Address

Posted by Donna Tucker // January 27, 2015

Google Your Home

When getting your home ready to sell, one important resource of information that’s often overlooked is the internet. In today’s world of digital technology, Google is often used as a quick and reliable source of information. As a homeowner looking to sell, it’s important to know what information is out there about your home. If […]

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What to do when hard times hit

Posted by Donna Tucker // January 1, 2015

Financial hardship can hit at many different points in life. Circumstances are not always predictable despite the best intentions. They can vary from the loss of a job, death or a divorce. When the unforeseen hits and payments are defaulted, there are options of response to help move through the situation and on to better […]

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All I Want for Christmas….Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Posted by Donna Tucker // December 28, 2014

It’s beginning to look a lot like time for turkeys and Christmas trees. For home owners looking to sell during this time, the question can always be whether this is a good time to continue or if efforts to sell should be paused until spring. A good first step is to determine whether you need […]

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Home Photos Do’s and Don’ts Part 2

Posted by Donna Tucker // December 23, 2014

home photo tips

Following up on our list of home listing’s “Photos Do’s and Don’t” here is Part Two of what kind of pictures you should use in your home’s online profile. Do: Use a Bird’s Eye Getting an aerial photo of your home and property is highly recommended, especially if you have a lot of land to […]

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