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Being Prepared to Buy in a Seller’s Market

Posted by Donna Tucker // October 5, 2015


Do you have a vision in your head that you are going to look at dozens of fabulous homes and end up with the sellers reducing their price and covering closing costs just to sell you a home? In your mind the whole experience seems positive, simple, and exciting. Well, this is not always the […]

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How to Avoid Bad Advice When House Hunting

Posted by Donna Tucker // September 21, 2015

One thing you will quickly discover while house hunting is that everyone has advice to give that usually comes with a very strong opinion. Interestingly, many of the people giving this advice are not even homeowners. Shopping for a home should be a positive experience, so you may need to filter out a little bad […]

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How to Create a Positive Buying or Selling Experience

Posted by Donna Tucker // September 14, 2015

positive home buying

It doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling your Raleigh home; if you are involved with some type of real estate transaction there is bound to be stress and sleepless nights. Your mind is likely filled with questions and scenarios all day long to the point that real estate is literally all you can […]

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How to Find the Perfect Raleigh Neighborhood

Posted by Donna Tucker // August 24, 2015

Deciding on the perfect Raleigh neighborhood for you to buy a new home in can be difficult if you are just trying to find the neighborhood which will increase in value overtime.  If you  do not have an attachment to one area, there are multiple options out there for you. Read below to find three […]

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Tips for Simultaneously Buying and Selling a Raleigh Home

Posted by Donna Tucker // May 26, 2015

buy and sell

As if buying or selling a house is not stress-inducing enough, trying to do both at the same time can be beyond overwhelming. However, with a little thoughtful planning properties can be shuffled smoothly, and you don’t have to take on excessive financial risk to make it happen. 1. Sell Your Current Home Before Buying […]

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Credit Scores and Mortgage Loans

Posted by Donna Tucker // January 8, 2015

When looking into getting a new home or making that big purchase for your next home, two big players that come to the court are your credit score and your credit report. For those that may be newer to the process or looking to apply for your first mortgage, you may be wondering “What is […]

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First Time Raleigh Home Buyers: Find the Right Home

Posted by Donna Tucker // December 4, 2014

Raleigh homebuyer

You are ready to buy your first home in Raleigh. Congratulations! But while the home buying process can feel exciting initially it is unlikely that you will come out of the gates able to purchase the home of your dreams  The key to success with this first home decision is in finding the balance between […]

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